Lessons from Les Brown, Zig Ziglar , Harvey Mckay, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson & Bill Clinton

"I had no idea that being your authentic self could make me as rich as I've become. If I had, I'd have done it a lot earlier." -Oprah Winfrey
Les Brown, Zig Ziglar , Harvey Mckay, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hanson &Bill Clinton are all men who would be described as confident, bold, courageous and charismatic. Most people would not call them authentic... except they are very much true to who they are.

Authentic as defined by  Merriam-Webster dictionary means true to one's own personality, spirit, or character.  

Being your true personality and character takes courage,  patience and tenacity.  Looking at my pictures you can see that as I've grown my business I grew into my authentic self.  Each year I gained more awareness, more confidence and courage to be me.   

Yes... at the top levels of the speaking industry it is a boys club. They make more money, get more gigs and are highly coveted. I think because most are more authentic, more confident, more bold and more courageous than most female speakers.  They really KNOW who they are, what they offer and don't care what you think of them. They are more concerned with being their best, being ambitious and sharing who they are, what they know being authentic - 100% - you either like them or you don't.   The more authentic I've grown the more I feel the same way. 

These men taught me powerful lessons that enabled me to discover my true authentic self.

People see your power before you do. 

After presenting on the same stage with then President Clinton I was SHOCKED when he thanked me for the book I sent him and Hillary Clinton.  He then told me the chapter and page that meant the world to him.  Someone captured the moment. 

I was honored and shocked yet it didn't hit me until much later that my authentic, bodacious self was beginning to be revealed. People around me saw it but I didn't.  

Faith in your potential, believe that you are blessed. 

 I had the privilege to have several conversations with Zig Ziglar. Zig was an amazing, gifted and brilliant man.  I was having an especially difficult time in my business ... really couldn't imagine how I could go one more step.  Zig took the time to share his own trials during a similar point in his career. He encouraged me to keep following the path that was being placed in front of me. He reminded me of faith and that my path was mine, uniquely mine to follow with faith.  
Find your voice by observing how others found theirs.    

   Les Brown has a style and power of his own. Many copy him but there is only one Les Brown. His power flows out of him.  I learned to be me by watching him. He is fiery, fierce, strong and dynamic. Seeing his willingness to BE ALL IN I began to find my voice.  To be the feisty, fearless, focused, fun female leader that I am. Bold, brilliant magnificent me. 

Leverage grows with authenticity.  

My first book came out and my fist national TV appearance happened when I met Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup of the Soul Fame.  They are SO different from each other and so powerful in their own right. They each have their own style.  I watched, I listened, I learned. I began to embrace my own style, my own attitude and my own confidence. Expressing me began with applauding my experience, strength, hope and sharing it with others.  I was able to be an advocate for Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul and became one of their editorial readers.  I used my leverage to get them in front of some major talk show hosts.  They valued my connections and I learned to valued my connections. The more authentic I became the more powerful my connections became.

 You will find admirers where you didn't know they existed. 
As you grow in your authenticity you discover that you are more comfortable in your own skin. People who you admire will tell you they admire you.  When I had the chance to sit and speak with Harvey Mackay  he told me that he enjoyed seeing my career grow. Who knew he was watching!  He also asked for my book. I told him how much I loved all his books ( I have a library full of his books). He asked me lots of questions about my business and admired my growth.   WOW! I was in a perfect place, owning my own self, being my own. I was congruent and that makes me happy.

 Like Minded People Are Attracted to You

Freedom to be 100% authentic enables you to have fun, engage with like minded people, and be bold, bodacious, brilliant and believable.  I love being with one of the stars within the speaking industry. Brian Walters is a genius and to be with him is a true gift.  He is totally, 100% authentic and uses his gifts to the max.  He embraced my unique perspective of the world and continually supports my endeavors to be bold, bodacious, brilliant and believable. The more authentic I am the more I attract like minded people.

 Just like Oprah once I defined me and became ME my wealth and happiness followed. 

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