Facing the Truth About Yourself Requires Courage

Change is always an interesting journey, especially when it is by choice.  Change by choice comes from facing the truth about yourself.  It is the time when you know you can't hide deny, or avoid the truth about why you are in the condition you are in.  Everything that you have - or don't have - is 100% your responsibility. Facing that truth takes courage.

You can get angry, fight, or protest however, eventually, if you really want to reap rewards and succeed, you will come to the conclusion that you are 100% responsible for your condition.

If you don't stay focused on  your business your business flounders. If you don't have clarity and strategize and plan for where you are going ... you drift and go no where.

You are a wimp -  by not facing the truth through avoidance, denial or acceptance deludes you with a false sense of calm that removes your responsibility to act.  "Can't do anything about it, this is just the way it is" or "Its okay, I'll just live with it".  However - you are not calm, you are ill at ease, you are  frustrated.

Be courageous, be tough, be determined. Tell yourself

"I'm tired of avoiding (Person, Place or Thing) that is right in front of my face. I am tough and strong in so many areas yet I am guilty because I have used the avoidance, acceptance and denial for a long time. No More!"

"It is time to face the truth, be courageous and do what I need to do. "

Daily you and I must face the truth about ourselves, review what we have and ask ourselves "Am I doing what I need to do to be the person I choose to be?"

It is time.  So how you doin?

Have courage.

Take action.

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