I Am Valuable

"My talents, ideas, perspective and courage are
needed in today’s world. It is time for me to know my value. I must communicate my value to others. I appreciate the value I bring to our world."

This affirmations are from my new book - "Pegine's Manifesto For Taking Charge and Leading in A Diverse World - Ten Truths That Will Change the Way You Lead"

"How I do what I do is important. I do the best that I am capable of at this moment. I am a shining gem. My attitude is valuable. I influence people with my attitude.

I have leverage. The people I know are valuable. I actively connect with people. I network. I give value by sharing my knowledge, my connections and my experience.

My ideas are valuable. When I share my ideas I innovate, create and propel our world to new heights. I am a leader.  I am


© 2011 Pegine Echevarria, MSW.
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