You Don't Need Permission

You don't need permission.

Time and time again I see the same thing among all women, women of color and prior service females in civilian jobs.  Why are you waiting for permission to speak, to sit, to ask, to be innovative and to ask for the sale?

You DON'T need permission.

What you need is courage, conviction, persistence and valuing your expertise.

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper said "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission." She was an American computer scientist and United States Navy Rear Admiral. She graduated from Vassar with a B.A. in mathematics in 1928.  She was passionate and NOTHING was going to stop her from going for the BIG ONE.

Last night I was at an event with senior female leaders. We were standing for a couple of hours at a cocktail party.  The group was pulled together in a circle and announcements were made. I was tired of standing so I walked off, grabbed a chair, went back to the circle and sat down in the chair.

Afterward I heard the following:

  •     "Wow, my feet were hurting but I didn't want to disrupt the meeting"
  •      "I wish that I did that"
  •     "You are always stepping out of the norm"
  •     "You were courageous"
  •     "I don't know why we didn't sit?"

That was just to sit!

Now imagine it is a BIG deal... a BIG IDEA!  You know it is going to work. You know that it is going to bring money to the organization or change the industry you are in or it is going to make a big splash by creating BUZZ and POP!!!

What are you going to do? Be wimpy and wait for permission? Are you waiting for someone to hold your hand and tell you its okay you can do that?

The worries and fears of   "What will they think of me"... does that really matter?

What if you WIN!! What if your idea pays off? What if you are the ONE and ONLY! 

You get the payoff, the promotion, the power, the publicity, and the kudos.

Stop being such a nice girl or someone who is a yes woman, you don't need permission. You need GUTS.

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