7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 25 Years Old

Seven Things I wish I knew When I Was 25 years old

1. You are smart. You may not know everything and that doesn't discount the fact that you are smart.  Tell yourself that, remind yourself and keep on telling yourself no matter what "I am smart".  There will be people in your life who will want you to think differently. Don't give them that power.  You have to know deep down that you are smart and eager to learn more.

2. Ask, Ask, Ask Ask confidently for the job, the raise, and the opportunity.  You can do it. Be Confident. You will learn how to do the job.  You can ask for advice, support and insight. No matter what... ask.

3. Trust Your Gut If you feel uncomfortable, feel you are in a dangerous situation please trust your intuition. GET OUT OF THERE.  At the same time if your gut tells you to go for it and take the risk.. DO IT.   Energy flows throughout the world and humans have the ability to 'feel' the energy.  Your gut  'feels' the message. Trust it.

4. Love  Love what you do, Love the people you meet, love yourself.  Know that you are loved.  You get what you want when you love you.  Look yourself in the eye in the morning and at night and tell yourself how much you love you.  You'll cry, you'll feel stupid. Do it anyway. When you love yourself every thing works out.

5. Laugh. Laugh lots  Laughter feels great. Laugh alone and with people.  Find ways to laugh.  Look for laughing moments.  Laugh... just because.  Laughter is good for you.

6. It will all work out. It always does.   No matter how horrendous, difficult, challenging or awful a situation is... it always works out. You will move on and, depending on your attitude, your next phase can be great!

7. Meditate, Pray, Be quiet It doesn't matter what you believe.  Take daily time to just be silent. Breathe deeply and feel your heart beat, feel the breeze on your face. Just be. You will gain peace and perspective.

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Be Great! Hang Out with Great People

Jim Rohn said  we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.  So true.  During every transition and transformation in my life I had to change my circle of friends.  Each time I made a change - my life changed. I know that who I hang out with determines who I am.

Girlfriends - Hang out with women who ROCK their world.

This weekend I came back from my Master Mind retreat.  Master Mind groups are groups of people - In Napoleon Hill's book "Think and Grow Rich" he describes how to form a master mind group. Usually four or more people (and less than 10) who choose to meet regularly so that, together, they can plan and oversee the development of their personal goals and support the goals of the individual members. 

My group is special to me I spend a lot of time with them.  They are all women. They are all in charge of multimillion dollar businesses, they are all moms, they are in long term marriages, they are all aspirational.  They all take care of themselves.  They are all as passionate about leadership, business, financial prosperity as I am and they all laugh. I spend most of my free time with them.

Your Significant Other - Choose wisely. The person you choose must believe in you and be your partner in all areas.

My husband is another person who I hang out with. 
We read the Prosperity Bible" ( ok, I read and he listens).  He laughs A LOT. He is incredibly organized and loves our home.  He has always been an entrepreneur. He gives me sage advice. He took care of the kids, did the laundry and helped me grow the business.  He is my champion.

Staff -  Your staff is an extension of yourself. Make sure they are on board with your vision.

I'm  grateful for our team.  Each one brings their unique perspective to the work we do.  ALL are part of the vision, we are truly committed to manifesting success in a diverse world for you and our clients. They inspire me to grow, hustle, learn and sell.   ALL are part of the vision.  We are determined to produce extraordinary experiences for each other and for those we encounter in our work and daily lives.

Team Pegine Inc table when we won #3 out of the Top 50 Fastest Growing Privately Owned Companies in North Florida!

How about you? 

Can you say that about your team and team members?
Who do you hang out with?
Who do you need to add to support your goals?
Is it time to say good bye to someone? 

  You can make a change!

  • Join groups that have the kinds of people who live the life you want to live. 
  • Rally your team. Start a team effort to be the kind of team you all want to be like. 
  • Support your efforts by reading positive books and immersing yourself in prosperity material. 

Staying in the Game

It is really easy to just walk away. To say its too hard.  Stay in the game, instead.

Stay strong when you feel weak.
Have faith .... courage + action + confidence....  and if you don't have it act as if do.

Staying in the game is trusting the kids will be ok, the dog will get fed, your presentation will get the job done, you will learn what you need to learn and will thrive the challenges.

The important stuff will get done. Believe in the good.

Stay in the game.

Share Your Successes

Going for the next level. Reaching for the next goal.  Pushing to complete the next item to check off.

Going, Going, Going.

Are you getting annoyed when someone talks about their accomplishments while you are going, going, going? You may be missing a valuable lesson for yourself. 

When someone shares what they accomplished, points out their work, highlights their successes watch, listen and learn. They are doing a key career process that results in confidence and promotion.  

Acknowledging out loud and to the world what you accomplished is extremely important to your career and business.  You have to share your successes so you can move to the next higher level or bigger deals.

  1. When your subconscious hears you applaud yourself, pride vibrates through your body telling your subconscious "Mmm this feels good, I want more of that." By telling and feeling this "I feel good I want more of that" you are validating your hard work receiving an immediate reward. The feel good reward.  Just like chocolate you will want more of that. So you do what you need to do to feel good over and over.  Applauding yourself out loud does that for you.
  2. People love being around winners.  Winners love being around winners.  Your accomplishment and verbalizing those accomplishments inspires others and makes them feel good. "I know her. She is amazing."  Again that feel good feeling reinforces that success is good and you want more.
  3. People value those who succeed. Leaders value those who value the successes the individual earned. They want to give people with success stories more opportunities to grow. They want to showcase your work.  They become your publicity team.
  4. You remind yourself what you are capable of. Sometimes you move so fast that you forget what you accomplished. Stress, multiple deadlines, juggling life can make you falter. You put your head down and keep going without looking up and cheering...until you burn out.  Sharing your achievements keeps your mojo going. 
  5. You confidence is contagious. Your ability to share your successes builds your confidence and grows your confidence. People want to invest in people who are confident.
Share your successes. Take people on tours of your accomplishments. Put your awards up. They are a reminder FOR YOU of what you have achieved. 

I want to share a success with you.

My company, Team Pegine Inc.  was just named one of the 2013 Fastest Growing Companies in North East Florida named by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Team Pegine provides Organizational Consulting, Training,  Role Players and project management to to the Fed Gov, DoD, and Fortune 1000 companies.

I Want To Be A Matriarch. I Choose To Be Powerful Within My Family & My Organization

Lupe Echevarria - My grandmother with my Mom and Aunt

A Matriarch is a woman who rules or dominates a family, group, or state.  La Doña or matriarch in my family was my grandmother (mi Abuela).  She was sought out by family and friends for counsel. She was fiscally astute, owning several buildings acquired with her husband (the house I grew up in was my Grandmother's home). She was very involved with unions (she was a seamstress and union leader) and she was definitely the moral authority growing up. Family was everything to her. Her great grandchildren know her name and what she did for us.

Google defines ma·tri·arch  as
  1. A woman who is the head of a family or tribe.
  2. An older woman who is powerful within a family or organization.

Wikipedia writes "Matriarchs are females, especially mothers, who have the central roles of political leadership, moral authority, and fiances/or control of property."

  • I made a choice when I got married that I would be a strong, powerful, loving wife.
  • I made a choice when my children were born that I would be a strong, powerful, loving mom. 
  • I made a choice when I opened my business that I would be a strong, powerful entrepreneur.
  • I made a choice when I volunteered to serve on committees I would be a strong, powerful advocate representing the organizations I support. 
  • I made a choice when my daughter got married that I would be a Matriarch.

Being a matriarch is a choice.  It is a leadership role I choose.  As I was doing research on Matriarchs and the choices they made I found interesting blog posts that made me think.

Kristan Wojnar, shared  a question used by a financial adviser she knows “Would you like your great-great grandchildren to know your name, what you stood for and what was most important to you in life?”

Elisabeth Boehm, Aspiring Future Matriarch wrote a blog about being the matriarch. While I didn't agree with many of her points. I embraced her list of matriarch roles which I wholeheartedly agreed with (after a little modification).

Apply them to your leadership roles at work and in your family. I know I will. 

They are:
  1. "Create, share in, and pass along the family & organizational culture.
  2. Provide a stable home and/or work environment (even when there is change).
  3. Understand and support the decided wealth building strategy.
  4. Support the family & business objectives in social contexts (entertaining customers, clients; learning foreign languages; managing contacts with friends, relatives, and business associates).
  5. Master complex tax and trust issues (not to mention subtle investment issues).
  6. Be emotionally mature and confident and have the depth to avoid getting distracted."

Being a matriarch is not easy. It is not for the fainthearted.  It requires diligence, tenacity, sacrifice, education and determination.  However, choosing to be a matriarch is worth it for yourself, for your family and for your organization.

My vision is that one day my great-great grandchildren will ask their parents or grandparents "Tell me a story" and they will hear a story about the family Matriarch, Pegine, and how she loved her family and business in such a way that they (her great-great grandchildren) benefited from her choice made long, long, long ago."

Mentally Tough Females Gain Power, Prosperity and Passion

The rain poured down my face. I had just lost a contract, the kids were sick, I had made some life changing decisions that were not playing out as I had hoped. I was about to go into a pity party because I was frustrated. Instead I got really angry. I went for a walk in a Florida rain storm and I was not going to back down.  I had to have a face to face with the power that is.

I deserved success, I earned my success and I knew ... no matter what ... I was not going to go down without a fight, in fact... I wasn't going to go down at all.  I was going to have what I wanted no matter what.

I knew for a fact that.
  • My business was going to thrive  no matter what. I was going to do whatever I needed to do and that included making sure that the Universe knew that I relied on spiritual power. 
  • My kids were going to go to college, be great people and be really happy without any debt. 
  • My marriage was going to be strong and powerful. 
  • That I was going to do whatever it took to change myself, rally myself and be the person I wanted to be NO MATTER WHAT. 
 I was tough and I was going to do it no matter what.  BE TOUGH. So I shouted, yelled and raised my fist in the air and said.  

"You think this is going to get me down?
 Bring it on ... I'm one tough cookie and I will never, ever, give up!" 
I learned.... 
Think strong thoughts.
Open yourself to the concept that you are a success and a champion.
Use your energy to focus your success.
Go to your cheerleaders and ask them why you will succeed NOT HOW but WHY.
Hear your inner voice that says "I WILL. I AM." 

Be tough, be strong, be happy. 

Gain  Power - Power comes when you are tough enough to demand that your own personal power shines. You gain power by being 100% real and sharing your thoughts, confidence and convictions.

Gain Prosperity- Prosperity comes when you get tough enough with yourself to make sure that you think abundant and prosperous thoughts. It is easy to think lack. It takes toughness and perseverance to think prosperous, loving abundant thoughts.

Show your Passion   Passionately committed to your life, your vision and what you know is your truth requires toughness to ensure that you stay committed. NO MATTER WHAT.  Being tough with yourself makes sure that you decide who YOU are.