Freedom!  Freedom to earn what you want. Freedom to love who you want. Freedom to dance on the beach alone and just relish living.

Freedom from the constraints, beliefs, expectations, messages and rules you learned when you were younger and are carrying around with you now. Baggage, heavy bags that pull you down.

Over the years I've lighten my load.  Removing negative images of myself from my mind. Letting people go who weren't good for my spirit, energy levels or life. Setting boundaries with people who didn't behave in a way that supported my positive, enthusiastic, brilliant spirit.

It is a life long project. I encourage you to look at your life:

Financially - How are you income levels? Your prospects? What are you promoting to gain greater income? What state are your papers in? Your accounting system? All are reflections of beliefs that you hold about money, about your self worth and lessons learned from people.  One thing I have absolutely learned - Don't take advice from people who haven't been there, overcame and succeeded. If they never went after a big deal how would they know what to do? If they never confronted their fear of asking for a sale how would they really know what works?

Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually, Intellectually

How are you doing? Do an assessment. It isn't your DOING that is the problem. It is what you BELIEVE and THINK.   Actually it is always what you think and believe, always.

Your thoughts and beliefs are the cause. What you have is the effect.

Freedom comes when you realize YOU are the cause. What YOU think about yourself, the world, money, health, love, everything brings you the results that you are having. PERIOD. PUNTO. FINAL.

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