The ONE!! Confusion, Hunger, Fear & Distraction?

Ever feel like her?  Daily I write my to-do list. I go through my list and accomplish my tasks (which are tied to my strategies). I do them all except for THE ONE you know. THE ONE that gets your heart going. THE ONE that can draw you to the negative side, THE ONE that you promised yourself, your coach and your lucky star that you would do.

That one.

It is so funny. I can write books, stand in front of thousands of people and speak. I can be tough, I can call the shots. I run a think tank that serves corporations and the federal government. I know that I have the ability to do THE ONE but some days it stalls me.

I'm laughing at myself because there are clear signs that I am confronting THE ONE

  • Confusion
I don't know what to do? Where do I start? OMG!!!  I don't know how.  The moment I start having these thoughts I know I am confronting THE ONE. It is at that moment that I want to take me by the shoulders, shake myself, and say GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF! Most times I don't do that.  I do remind myself that it is easy."Just pick up the phone, talk, hang up and do it again". THE ONE can be the phone call, or the letter, or the confrontation. When I feel confused it is a sign. So I just DO IT... THE ONE... Done.
  • Hunger
Wow... I need to take a break my tummy is rumbling  No, its not. That is a habit that removes you from doing THE ONE. You just ate two hours ago and you are definitely not hungry. Just DO IT... THE ONE... Done..

  • Fear 
The world is going to collapse, They are coming to take me away!! The boogie man is coming! Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  Whatever I can imagine good or bad, negative or positive it all appears real.  I'd rather chant the visionary mantra Positive Visions Manifesting Now . Why should you or I automatically go for the negative?  I've learned that if I do THE ONE gifts follow. Confidence, clarity, and joy. Just DO IT... THE ONE... Done.
  • Distraction
Shiny, pretty, glittery catches my eyes. I don't want to do IT. I want to play, I want to wander, I want to avoid. Please...let me play. (Moms, sound familiar). Just DO IT... THE ONE... Done.
Here is what you get when you complete THE ONE

O  You get a standing ovation

N You get Nice Feeling

 E You become ENTHUSIASTIC because you did it!

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