7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 25 Years Old

Seven Things I wish I knew When I Was 25 years old

1. You are smart. You may not know everything and that doesn't discount the fact that you are smart.  Tell yourself that, remind yourself and keep on telling yourself no matter what "I am smart".  There will be people in your life who will want you to think differently. Don't give them that power.  You have to know deep down that you are smart and eager to learn more.

2. Ask, Ask, Ask Ask confidently for the job, the raise, and the opportunity.  You can do it. Be Confident. You will learn how to do the job.  You can ask for advice, support and insight. No matter what... ask.

3. Trust Your Gut If you feel uncomfortable, feel you are in a dangerous situation please trust your intuition. GET OUT OF THERE.  At the same time if your gut tells you to go for it and take the risk.. DO IT.   Energy flows throughout the world and humans have the ability to 'feel' the energy.  Your gut  'feels' the message. Trust it.

4. Love  Love what you do, Love the people you meet, love yourself.  Know that you are loved.  You get what you want when you love you.  Look yourself in the eye in the morning and at night and tell yourself how much you love you.  You'll cry, you'll feel stupid. Do it anyway. When you love yourself every thing works out.

5. Laugh. Laugh lots  Laughter feels great. Laugh alone and with people.  Find ways to laugh.  Look for laughing moments.  Laugh... just because.  Laughter is good for you.

6. It will all work out. It always does.   No matter how horrendous, difficult, challenging or awful a situation is... it always works out. You will move on and, depending on your attitude, your next phase can be great!

7. Meditate, Pray, Be quiet It doesn't matter what you believe.  Take daily time to just be silent. Breathe deeply and feel your heart beat, feel the breeze on your face. Just be. You will gain peace and perspective.
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