Women Leaders and Latina Leaders Follow Your GUT

A coach came to visit my office she kept asking HOW? HOW? HOW?

How will I achieve my BIG, Bodacious, OVER THE TOP Goal?

Maybe you keep asking yourself....over and over. 

  • How will I achieve success?
  • How will I close the deal?
  • How will I manage the kids, the career, the relationships, the stress?
  • How will I create the stepping stones to where I want to go?
WHO CARES HOW ---- thinking that way will only drive you crazy and to higher levels of stress

What matters is WHAT!  

  • What do you want?
  • What will the deal look like when it closes?
  • What will the kids be like when they grow up?
  • What rewards will you receive because of your career success?
  • What do your relationships look like?
  • What does living stress free look like?
  • What does success look like? 
  • What makes you smile, giggle, and enjoy life?
Get really specific. FOCUS on the what and the rest will follow. 

 Follow Your GUT

Get a grip on reality.   

You are powerful and have achieved much in your life. You know deep down that you have so much. So much experience and so much knowledge to share. What you see around you may not necessarily be the truth.  The TRUTH is what you want to do. The TRUTH is what you feel great about, happy about and joyous about. 
Don't get caught up in what others are doing, or receiving or achieving. You might see others passing you by, being promoted and cheered. Your perception may be wrong.  The employee might be placed in the new position so they can be put out to pasture or fired faster

Business may look like it is booming for others and not you ... until you check their accounts you don't know the truth (even then you don't know). Keep your eyes on your own life, see what you want for yourself and act on that. 
 You have what it takes.  Go after THE WHAT and win.  If you think "This is made for me. Then it HAS to be  yours." Then you will joyfully go after it.

Use your talents, leverage, connections and knowledge.  
There is no better way to market your abilities than to ask the people around for guidance, business and introductions. Know all the diamonds that you have within in you. The talents - the way you do what you do. Too often people discount what comes so easy.  I find it easy to promote and market.  I just do it and love it. For other people it is a chore.  Tamara is brilliant at keeping tasks moving forward. She is a master at doing what needs to be done "NEXT" you will hear her say. It is easy.  Both of us take it for granted until someone points it out to us.  We get to use our talents for good. 
We all know many people. People we can help and who can guide us. People we can offer our services to and people who can influence decisions being made about us. We have to use our talents, connections and knowledge to build the life we want.
Take the time to visualize every detail of what you want

Harder than you think. The blockages to your visualization may occur because you may not feel worthy of what you say you want. (Take this from me. Had to work through this one.) Do it anyway.  Start out with five minutes (two if that is all you can do) work your way up to 30 minutes. Live the life you want NOW by visualizing what you want. This is the work you must do so that the HOW just appears. You will know what to do because you SEE it clearly, everyday.

  Follow Your GUT the HOW will follow

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