Powerful Mentors and Advisers are Found in the Books You Read

Growing up I didn’t know million dollar entrepreneurs. I didn’t have access to people who could show me the way or even what was possible in business.  As a teen I read Sidney Sheldon novels, many who had strong, powerful, successful, rich women heroines who became my role models. Honestly, I wanted what they had. Through them I learned about persistence, tenacity, focus, confidence and having a dream.

After selling my first business in Spain at 23 years old I returned to the US and quickly forgot what I had learned from the books.  I was surrounded by well-intentioned people who were scared of failure, risk and being in business. Many had lots of negative beliefs about money and wealth.  I forgot that the books inspired me to think "I AM powerful, strong, tenacious and wealthy in business". I felt great when I thought that way. 
 Once again I found my mentors and advisers in books. They educated me and inspired me. I read over and over “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, studied (and still study) "The Science of Getting Rich" by Walter Wattles, made friends with Barbara Stanny author of “Six Secrets of Six Figure Earning Women” and devoured Mark Victor Hansen & Jack Canfield’s book “The Aladdin Factor”.

I found ‘real’ women I can model after reading their biographies. Women like Mary Kay Ash (founder of Mary Kay), Madam C.J.Walker known as the first female millionaire entrepreneur back in the 1910… and the first black female millionaire entrepreneur. Power house women entrepreneurs who teach and inspire me. I read books all the time about powerful, successful women and men. I think - If Donald Trump can do it - so can I, If Oprah can do it - so can I, if the people on Shark Tank can do it - so can I!!!!!!

I take advice from people who have been there and done that. Until you have been there you can't give advice about how to get there. You have no idea what it will take and how a person who got there thinks. The mentors I found in books know and for that I am grateful.
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