Owning Your Power as A Female Leader

This past weekend I had the privilege of coaching two extraordinary female leaders who are well known in the community, are in the C-Suite of their organizations and are on prestigious corporate boards.  I was called earlier in the week by one of them because she wanted Power & Presentation coaching. She knew that I had worked with female Admirals and Generals and worked often with senior female leaders in network marketing and direct sales on their presence and power.

They have something in common with you.
1- They are ambitious
2- They love being business leaders
3- They are goal focused

AND... 4- what they worked for, had arrived and suddenly they realized that there are new horizons for them to discover. To do that they needed to step up and be 'seen, heard and embrace their new power" for their next steps.

We worked on hand movements and the power of the hand. How you use your hands communicates a woman with strength, confidence and power .... or that you are just a nice girl.  How and where you place your hands on a desk or table during a meeting says something about who you are and what you want.  Strong hands lay calmly on a table, they don't flinch when things get tough. They are used to manage tension in your body. I also taught them bird flapping to relieve the anxiety before an event. (Hey you had to be there.)

We worked on planting your feet. A most important tactic, especially for women, to own a room.  When you firmly plant your feet on the stage, or in a room you are standing your ground. You are owning that area and when you combine that tactic with power thoughts you exude power and energy that is charismatic and attractive.  People come towards you and want to know who you are.

Look at the audience. There is a process you can use to make sure that the audience 'gets' you. That they know you 'own' the stage and own the room.  Don't hesitate to have eye contact.

Finally... break the rules. GET AWAY FROM THE PODIUM!  Communicate courage, power and determination to give the message that they want to hear. Be powerful and confident.

We had hours of discussion, role playing, practice and ahahas.  To be powerful you have to take ownership of your power and presentation. If you don't who will?

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