Ambition is GOOD!

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Being ambitious is good,in fact it is great!  It is the internal desire to do more, to push past your fears and past imposed limitations. 

It is the celebration of knowing that you were made to be someone great...and in order to be that person you are willing to push yourself, be uncomfortable and grow.

Ambition is desire in action. To be the best you and be powerful and successful.

You are the only one than can decide what is right for you. However, if you have desire to be more...and you don't go after MORE you will face that horrible, mind trash talk that stops you cold.

Every time I go after my MORE I can hear the rumblings in my head that say:

1: What will I have to give up?  My family? My relationships? Myself? Mind you the frantic, fear says it with drama.

2: What if I fail or if I succeed? These are two sides of the same coin. The WHAT IF are the two key words. You will never know the true outcome unless you go for it. Worrying about WHAT IF will only stop you.

3: "They" say women can't do this, or that. That statistically women don't achieve high ranks,  that the world is ready for a pushy, ambitious woman.  Don't believe that.  The world is ready for you exactly as you are.  The world is ready because you are in it.

You want to be something and have it all.... then do it.  I've had it all and I'm going after more of it. I've messed up, held myself back, limited my self and so what. I get back on the saddle and go after it with wisdom. I am ambitious and so are you.

Fight through the fear.

Fight through the limiting beliefs of your friends, family, associates and yourself. 

Fight through the statistics.

If I can achieve all I've achieved then so can you. Fight for your incredible life. You have the power right now.

Tell yourself how great you are.

Rally yourself for great things by celebrating your successes.

Ask for more, then shut up to receive more.

Thin strong, fabulous powerful thoughts.  My book Lead and Think BiG gives you the power thoughts you can be thinking right now.

Be powerful, strong, rich and determined. If you don't who will
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