How Willing Are You?

How willing are you?

How willing are you to do the thing you know you must do to reach  the next level?

It is easy to think about the actions or imagine the actions you have to take to get to the next level.

It is a whole other thing to actually do what you say you will do. That is hard.  It is so much easier to create  a distraction, to avoid the hard work.

Your stomach growls, you look for things to stop you - making them 'really important' but really.. all these actions are just distractions.

Using your imagination to create is awesome.  Day dreaming is  not. That is procrastination.

You imagine something to create income, to create influence, to create a difference.

Then you act to make it happen.  Artists imagine their art... and through action the art is created.

You can imagine your success... and through action you create it.

Act Now!

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