Only You Can Decide Who You Want To Be

Keep focused, determined and transformed.  Only you can decide who you want to be. Only you can understand what it took to succeed.  The power of you is the only thing YOU have to worry about. Spending time and effort thinking about what other people say about is a waste... it is none of your business.

Your business is what you think about yourself. How you imagine your life to be is your responsibility, and yours alone. You have to think powerful thoughts about yourself. You have to put a helmet on yourself to protect yourself from what others think of you. Only your thoughts about yourself matter.

Do you want to lead a group of people? Then think about the kind of leader you want to be. Think about how you would think about life and leadership. Then think that way

Read books that share stories of how leaders think. Be around leaders, watch them lead, ask them questions.

Then think, think, think.

I carry a purple book.  In it is written the thoughts I choose to think. I wrote the thoughts. They are mine.  When I'm tired, or around negative people I can hear their words. I choose not be be influenced by them. I read my purple book right then. 
Stop pointing fingers at who is holding your back, or pointing fingers saying "they are supporting ..... whatever group feels disenfranchised"  You must focus on you and your thoughts of your world.

Think big thoughts.
Think positive thoughts.
Think great thoughts.

Think how awesome you are. Think thoughts of celebration and accomplishment. Think thoughts of power and possibility.

Think think think.
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