Your Head Can Screw You Up!

Ever have one of those days when you know you are thinking wrong and you can't seem to change it? It is as though you are having an out of body experience. You can see yourself doing behaviors that are going to hurt you, you know you are thinking thoughts that are just making you feel awful.

If you are reading this then I know that you are someone who reads self development materials, you seek to improve yourself and you have invested money, time and energy....yet still you have one of those days when your head can screw you up.

That is when you need a champion, a coach, a friend who is willing to kick you in your own butt.

Here is what that person can do for you when you head is screwed up... They can
1- Point out all your great achievements.
2- Make you laugh.
3- Piss you off as they tell you what you need to hear.
4- Give you a different perspective.
5- Provide you with solutions.
6- Love you unconditionally.
7- Be your greatest cheerleaders. Really cheering loudly ... sometimes so loud you can't think, which is the point.

So what you are you going to do now? Here are four steps you can do.
1. Call your advocates, cheerleaders and friends.. Tell them you need their cheers.
2. Call or write the person that you know will tell you the truth and ask for a quick swift kick.
3. Call you favorite coach and ask for a session.
4. Join my on line coaching program where you get coaching lessons, teleseminars, individual coaching with me (30 minutes) and until Jan 30, 2012 a 30 minute customized affirmation mp3.

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