Daily Business Review

I am grateful for my daily review.

Daily look over and see what you have accomplished. See the courageous acts you took. Notice the focus... you are focusing on the positive actions that you took.

I know what I want.

Have a detailed description of what you want. Include your wants for the next week, the next five months, every quarter and each year. Have a five year want plan. If you don't plan it you cant take courageous actions to get there.

I take responsibility if it doesn't come because I didn't take serious action.

Review you daily actions and note the actions you didn't take or go after. The times you said shoulda, would, or coulda. This is not to beat yourself up but to notice what action you didn't take. You can't get results without action. Now let it go. Learn from it.

Magical thinking doesn't bring results.

Dreaming is great if you can transfer it to a vision for yourself and then ACT from that vision. Before Donald Trump was.... THE DONALD... he acted like THE DONALD... he was THE DONALD before we all knew it. The important part was that HE KNEW IT. You have to ACT from the vision.

Confident visioning tied with serious action brings results.

Confidence is the illusive, internal faith that you can do what you say you will do. defines confidence as "belief in oneself and one's powers or abilities; self-confidence." Some people have this easy confidence... they just know. Others, like me, have had to work on it. You build confidence through daily reviews, applauding yourself for jobs well done and really having faith in the "dream" that keeps popping up. If you have something positive that keeps popping up, know and have faith that you will always be given the resources to do it.

That "dream" must be converted to a detailed vision, then a plan. Finally you will have to take serious, focused action to receive it. One thing that I have learned is that it doesn't matter how long it takes... you have to keep on keeping on until you have accomplished your mission.

Who knew that a daily review could have so much power!!!
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