Do you Live in Fl and If your business is slow and you are Having trouble Paying Your Mortgage.

I didn't know about this service until now.

If your business is slow and you are having trouble paying your mortgage. Get help NOW!! I know the people at this  not for profit personally. They are amazing.

Lost your job? Business slow and having trouble paying your mortgage?

If you are in Florida you are able to get hope from some of the nicest, supportive, knowledgeable people who can help you for FREE!!..

Carey and her team at Wealth Watchers are fantastic and a not for profit to serve you.
Contact Wealth Watchers to be screened for Florida's Hardest Hit Program (904) 265-4736

1. If you are less than 6 months behind on your mortgage.
2. If you have been laid off from your job.
3. If you are self employed and have experienced a reduction in revenue/income.
4. IF you purchased your home before January 1, 2009
5. If the home is your primary residence and you currently live in it.
6. IF you have experienced a reduction in income or cut in pay.

You can complete the Housing Preservation Form or call Wealth Watchers Inc. 904-265-4736

There is over 1 BILLION dollars available.... Please you do not need to suffer, this is not about pride. This is about your home. I know these people personally, I've seen the work they do.

Wealth Watchers Inc. is a Non-profit HUD Approved Housing Counseling and Community Development 501c-3 organization located in Jacksonville, FL. Wealth Watchers Inc. offers Financial Literacy and Homebuyer education Workshops,...
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