Is Being 'polite' Killing your Spirit or Your Truth

The courage to be you is hard.  There is that little voice that encourages you to do the thing you know you must do to be true to yourself - yet the louder voice - which may be both inside and outside of our heads tells you to keep quiet, don't cause trouble, don't rock the boat, to be POLITE.

O, don't you relish the adventure and thrills of being yourself.  Of doing what you know you want to do, to share what you know you want to say. Too often people don't say what they want to say because "Its not nice." "What would s/he think of me?"  or "I'd sound angry".

I don't get it. You can be so happy being YOU. Which is magnificent, brilliant, unique and wonderful.

But, no, you would rather be polite.

So it is okay for someone to take up your time with boring conversations when you are supposed to be working.
Its okay to tolerate someone's rudeness, or pompous attitude and not call them on it- because its so much better to seethe about it for hours after?
Its okay to have someone dominate a meeting (so they can hear themselves talk) but not serve the rest of the team.  What is that about???

If being 'polite' is killing your spirit or your truth then that isn't being is abusive. You are abusing yourself by keeping quiet. 

You are as valuable and worthy as the next person.  You do not have to tolerate inconsiderate, self absorbed, pompous behavior. Tell your truth.

Screw it....  Be courageous.  It is your life.

You are amazing.
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