Remove The Bubble Wrap Around Your Mind

Too many people are walking around with rules, beliefs and truths that are holding them back. I call it BUBBLE WRAP of your BRAIN!!!

- You are a female who believes in a glass ceiling
- You are a manager who believes that you have no power
- You are a person of color and believe that "they" are not diverse.
- You aren't earning ____ dollars and can't imagine you can.

Stop blocking yourself with your bubble wrap.

Question yourself regularly.
1- What rules do you live by that stop you from moving to the next level?
      - Nice girls don't cause problems
      - I can only control people if I can fire them
      - I _____. 'They' can't relate to me

2- Who haven't you called, invited to lunch or asked for help?

People write people off before they even pick up the phone to invite people to lunch or ask for help.
Get over the fear. DO IT NOW.  The worse thing that will happen is that someone will answer who has an attitude and you won't get through. BIG FREAKIN deal!! They didn't shoot you and your not dead.

ASK for it now!

I think you are awesome. I think you are great. Stop being so whiny and just do call. Just reach out to someone who is "more important" than you and talk to them.
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