"Strategic Discomfort"

In order for your organization to grow and evolve you have to embrace what I call Strategic Discomfort(TM). You have to ask the questions that, when you hear the answers, may make you uncomfortable.

I really like the new show "Undercover Boss"

Undercover Boss showcases the "Strategic Discomfort (TM)" that leaders must embrace in order to grow and evolve in your business.

Questions for leaders:
1. What haven't I experienced first hand in my company?
2. Do my employees know me, would they recognize me?
3. Can I honestly say that I know how the processes I've created or implemented affect the quality of work given by front line workers?
4. Am I living in a bubble?
5. Have I lost touch with my customers? my staff? my network?

A businessman I just met lost 2 million dollars in sales this past year. He closed his office (giving away all of his high end furniture), let go of all of his staff except for two and changed his business dramatically.

What he gained was clarity. He had let his large sales team speak to his customers and learned that he was out of touch with their needs. He never spoke to his customers because he was so 'busy'.

He had processes in place (too many) which made his business a bureaucracy rather than a lean, focused and nimble organization which it has become.

His profits are higher, customers are happier and so is he.
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