Stay Focused and Appreciate What you have achieved

It is critically important that you stay focused on where you are going.  It is what drives success and moves a person through challenges and trying times. It is the focused actions that removes the obstacles people encounter on their way to achieving results.


Sometimes staying focused on next steps, even if they are minutes away, can cause a person to get off balance and forget the achievements that their tenacity of focus brought.

The looking ahead and not celebrating the achievements of the last day or last month can cause a person to falter.  Life is a journey and so is success. The final destination is the goals however the riches, the joy and the satisfaction comes from the stops and adventures along the way.

Here are three ways to stop and enjoy the process.

1- List all the tasks completed, actions that you have taken since you woke up this morning. Don't wait, do it right now.
2- List any and all accolades, deals, compliments and thank you's that you have received in the last week or last month.
3- Write yourself a note. Imagine that you received the note from someone else who admires you and is excited about your success. Address it to yourself and ask someone to mail it to you.  It is so great to get a hand written note of applause (even if you wrote it).
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