Be GREAT today

Be GREAT today. We were blessed with greatness. We must know that. Within each of us is a great life, a great achievement and a great YOU. Think GREAT, Be GREAT. I'm so grateful that I can know that God provides that power. We have to provide the thought.

We have been already provided with the GREATness within. However it is up to you and I to be willing to think greatness. To think daily and hourly about where we want to go, who we are and how we want to express our greatness.

Working in Corporate America? How are you willing to be great at your job? How are you willing to make an positive impact on your team and your work?

Diversity professionals - how are you going to be great today? To ensure that every person knows they are valued, that their greatness is needed in your organization. How are you going to exemplify your greatness and your uniqueness today?

Leaders: How are you going to be great today. To see how you can lead your organizations to do great things for our world. How will you model greatness during your meetings today?

Sales people/ Entrepreneurs: How will your actions today be great? Are you creating excitement in your office by promoting your business? Are you talking about the value you bring to your customers. Do you believe in your products? Do you think they are GREAT!!

It is up to you to be great! To think GREAT thoughts, to take GREAT actions.

You are great but you may only believe that you are good. Change your thoughts, change your actions. Be GREAT!
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