Is your organization halting innovation?

'We embrace diverse ideas, we want to hear your ideas, your thoughts and your innovation.' Diversity and Inclusion deals directly with innovation. You may have you heard a senior leader at a conference say 'We want your ideas and innovation'. However innovation brings change and change makes people uncomfortable.

Are you dealing with change lately? We all are. Organizations are changing. However, he bigger the organization the more difficult it is to change the organization. Organizational resistance can slow or stop changes. Change requires determination, focus and persistence from many different constituents. Constituents are people....who, because they are human, are uncomfortable with change creating a vicious cycle - change, no change, change, no change.

NASA is once again taking a giant step for mankind. They are taking on organizational change.

NASA's Johnson Space Center, their senior management, employees, contractor's and others are actively engaged in transforming the culture of the organization. Open NASA is a experimental and collaborative project to create dialogue, transformation and organizational change.

The The Barrier Analysis team from NASA's Johnson Space Center highlights how organizational resistance to inclusion can cut innovation. The Barrier Analysis team was willing to be uncomfortable for all of us. They are courageous.

This video highlights the impediments that many organizations, not just NASA, have to innovation. People within an organization may want to embrace diverse ideas and include different points of view however change isn't easy. People tend to rely on what they know and with process that are routine and comfortable.

KUDOS to NASA for their willingness to share their issues with all of us.

Use this video to identify the barriers within your own organization.

Ask yourself the following:
Do I sound like the supervisors and project managers?
Am I derailing innovation because I'm hiding behind policy, protocol and "It has always been done this way"?
What can I do to change my behavior and my organization?
How does my behavior impact employee morale?

Let's start talking, changing and breaking through organizational resistance.
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