Your Reality, Your Thoughts, Your Choice

On my fan page I wrote
"The power lies in your thoughts which are communicated to the world through your actions. I know that we create our own reality. Our reality is based on what we want to focus on. Focus on your failures and weaknesses and you give them strength. Focus on your accomplishments and accolades and you give them strength. What you focus on is your choice. Your reality, and thoughts, are based on what you focus on." ~Pegine

Life goes quickly and I am amazed how often we can lose a moment because we are stuck in our head. There have been so many times when my head was swirling with ideas, thoughts, and negative perceptions that were all wrong. That stopped me from asking for the sale, the opportunity to go on a trip, that just plain stopped me from laughing my head off (Because what would 'they' think of me).

I am grateful that I've learned. We, you and I, can control our thoughts and can take charge so we focus on the success and the opportunities. Here is what I learned:

1. Create a message about how magnificent you are that you repeat daily and even hourly. "I'm a genius, brilliant, beautiful, fabulous, smart, funny and confident." Say it to yourself over and over and over and over. If you have been stuck in stinkin thinkin for a long time this will be really difficult - do it anyway. Force yourself to do it.

2- Post the message everywhere. In your wallet, in front of your ATM card, on your desk, on your mirror, in your shoes. EVERYWHERE. You want to see it everywhere so that it becomes a trigger. When you see it you will repeat it.

3= Daily think to yourself. How does someone who is a genius, brilliant, beautiful, fabulous, smart, funny and confident walk, talk and act?

4- Walk, talk, and act like that.

5- Know that no one....absolutely no one can take your thoughts from you. You have the power to think the way you want to think. You have the power to act on your thoughts.

I learned a long time ago that I have the power to give others the power treat me as I wish to be treated.

Eleanor Roosevelt says "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent"... Pegine says "No one can make you feel like a success without your consent"

I have to tell you that it makes me feel so frustrated when I see someone behave in a way that is hurting themselves. I know it is because of their thoughts. I can only say a prayer because I can't change them. They have to be willing to change. Sometimes that takes a long time. It is so painful to see because I know there is another way. I have to trust HP/Universe/God. Just as I found my path I can only pray that they also find their path.

Take care and walk the walk. You are amazing and wonderful.
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