Play the Transformation Game

You have a tremendous amount of power if you are willing to play.

Have you ever gone into a store where the staff wasn't happy or was just going through the motions? I have and when I do I get really playful.

The game is called the transformation game. Your job is to transform the other person so that they laugh or smile or at minimum acknowledge your presence.

You walk into the store and get the 'feeling' that the person is robotic or blah.
As you go to choose your drink or item start revving yourself up with joy and energy.
The best way to do that is to think really powerful and fun thoughts "I'm so happy, I'm having a blast. Life is so awesome. Everyone around me is feeling my joy". Keep saying this to yourself as you do your shopping.

When you go to pay think "I want you to have an awesome day. I want you to know I really care that you have a good moment right now"
Put a smile on your face and look directly at the person.
Say "Thank you for helping me"
You win if they - smile, laugh, or acknowledge you.

I have so much fun doing this. I really love doing this when I'm not as energetic, happy or joyous as I usually am. This one 'game' can change my attitude really fast.

The game is for me...okay and them. Try it.
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