Stay Focused On the Good

Easy to say - not so easy to do. Stay focused on the good, on what you want, on all the gifts that you have. I keep hearing from people how challenged they are in this task.

Questions over the last few weeks have been:

How do I keep my face facing towards the positive when I learned that there are layoffs in my area?

Every time I watch TV there is another report of doomsday. I just want to relax and watch TV but I get stressed instead. Help!

I'm not where I want to be and I feel stuck where I am.

There is confusion in this world right now about reality, truth and your life. I continually hear people say that they have to face reality. The reality being what their checking account says, what the news says and what their employers say.

Yes...your checking account may be challenged. However you are more than the checking account.

Yes....the news may give a global perspective to the problem. Also note that they are in business and bad news sells. Therefore you will see 90% negative reports compared to positive reports.

Yes...your employers may have shared pessimistic news however instead of taking the news and hiding your head think of the news as warning signs, care signs to take action. Network more, get your resume updated and identify what you really want to do so that you get excited about your future.

Here are additional techniques that you can use.
1- Get an blank check register. Write in the register all the good things you have in your life. List one thing on each page until the book is full. This may take a week. Keep the list close to you - it is a reminder of how rich you are.
2- Reach out to five friends and call them. Just call them to say HI. This action will remind you that your life is more than your job, more than your checking book and that you have friends.
3- SMILE.... Laugh and smile.
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