Stop Creating Drama and Worrying - Its not helping

Creating drama about what isn't working or isn't happening does not make you feel good. Nor does spending your time worrying help any situation. Those emotions drain you and the people you around you.

Think about it. When you worry about the safety of your children or your family you are not helping them. You drive your kids crazy and the people around you with your worrying. Worry sends negative 'vibes', you are actually expecting bad things to happen. Is that what you really want to do? Worry doesn't create a safe environment. Positive action and thoughts do.

Worrying about paying your bills? Wondering where the money is going to come from? Both actions will make you miserable, frustrated and beat up.

What can you do instead?

1) Start by appreciating what you do have.

I know it sounds hokey but in the past I've been in worry about the kids and the money and all I got was stress, belly aches and lots of tears. However once I learned how to look at the positive little things - feet to walk with, hands to scratch my head, fingers to type, clothes to wear and food to eat I began to change. I became grateful. That gratitude attitude made me appreciate the talents, ideas, skills and abilities I had, which enabled me to make more money and be happy and secure that my kids were safe and successful. Look around you and look at the simple things. This helps... it really helps.

2) Help someone

Get out of your 'stuff' by helping someone. Get out of the house and help someone deal with their issues. Old people who need help with their lawn. Someone needs help with their computer, help thme. Move out of feeling worry and fear into giving to others. You will find yourself feeling good about yourself.

3) Laugh

Laugh and laugh a lot. Go watch a group of puppies tumbling around, little kids playing or a movie that makes you laugh. Better yet laugh on your own. Make yourself laugh so that others follow you. You can watch me on my YouTube channel "TeamPegine" Watch me and laugh.

Only you can change from worry to joy from fear to positive expectations. Have courage and start today.
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