I've Got The Power!

The song
I've Got The Power!
fills one with energy because of the words and the beat. The combination of the two increases your energy and the vibration that others feel.

What you tell yourself works the same way. If you can make your affirmation into a song, rap or bouncing poem you will find yourself easily repeating it over and over.

In a book written in 1925 by Florence Scovel Shinn The Game of Life and How to Play It she shares the following:

I have a wonderful business
In a wonderful way
I give wonderful service
For wonderful pay

Its cadence makes it easy for you to repeat over and over. Cadence is an important part of marching in the military. The cadences are lyrical, rhythmic, and foster the core values of service and the military branch. They are used because they give service men and women a beat to follow, laughter (many are really funny) and something to focus on.

Ever hear a jingle that drives you crazy? You can't get it out of your mind. Which is exactly the point. Advertisers want you to remember the jingle. Don't you want to remember your affirmation/vision over and over?

You life's dreams deserve their own jingle. Your children deserve a jingle that they can sing to themselves one that affirms and enables them to visualize success.

Take a few minutes to write your own jingle. Take a brisk walk and while walking create a cadence that reflects what you want in life. Life is fun, success is awesome combine that with a jingle that makes you happy and joyous... now you've power!
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