There is so much excitement in this world!

Can you feel the sizzle?

There is so much excitement. I look out the window and I see the buds exploding. I was on LinkedIn and I could read and see the profusion of ideas, opportunities and expertise. The ideas, the information, the desire to increase networks is just incredible.

There is so much energy. Opportunities increasing and enlarging lives. I love a Mark Victor Hansen quote "Business is booming somewhere." It is.

Look around you what are you using on a daily basis. No matter what you are going to buy that roll of paper, pasta or pen. I love going to a mall lately. It is uplifting.

People are still buying. They carry bags of 'stuff'.

I love looking at the numbers. According to THE EMPLOYMENT SITUATION: FEBRUARY 2009 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics 8.1% unemployed of eligible workers.

That means that 91.9% of eligible people are employed!!

Isn't that good?

We can caught up in number and forget that numbers can be presented in many different ways.

If you are going to read the news then also read
Today they have an article about:
1-Indian auto-mogul Ratan Tata who made a car specifically to mobilize India’s growing middle class. YEAH!!!
2-Orders to U.S. factories for big-ticket manufactured goods and new homes sales both rose unexpectedly in February.
3-New York City taxi drivers are being asked to donate one day's tips to 13-year-old twins whose immigrant parents were killed in a hit-and-run accident.

There is so much good to be excited about.

What you think is what you get.... What your read is also what you get
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