It is time, it is now and is our destiny

There is a spirit in the air. A can do attitude. A definiteness of purpose. It is here and it is now.

I just watched the inauguration. I saw the tens of thousands of people in the freezing cold determined to be part of history. The pictures of people from around the world watching history being made.

I thought of the friends of my children and my children who serve this country. Danielle in the Army in Iraq, Arlene on a Navy ship, Toucey and Matt serving in the Marines, Forrest and DJ in the Air Force, my son in the National Guard and my daughter in Army ROTC. Over 15 of their friends are serving in all branches around the world.

I thought about their other friends and children of my friends who volunteer around the world teaching, giving medical care and giving of themselves to others.

I thought about the many people who donate their time to mission houses like my mom who serves warm soup on a cold day. The mentors of women business owners who volunteer at the Jacksonville Women's Business Center and all the mentors from small business centers and entrepreneurial programs around the world.

I thought about people I know who have donated millions of dollars so others can be more, do more and have more. I thought about the kids and teen moms who I worked with in Bushwick, Bklyn who grew to become leaders and hard workers changing their lives and making a difference across this country helping the next generation be better, stronger and wiser.

I thought about all of my colleagues who are passionate about diversity, inclusion and leadership and who are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

I thought about my friends - fellow motivational speakers, authors and behind the scene project managers who are dedicated to sharing their ideas, offering hope and giving knowledge so that others can be more, do more and have more.

I thought about Ms. B - my Girl Scout leader, my JHS Spanish teacher, my shop teacher, my English teacher and theater teacher at Rhodes School. All the bosses, mentors and guides who saw in me more than I saw in myself. You all changed my life.

Who I was and who I am are two different people. It was my family, the community, the books and speakers who embraced me, grew me and changed me.

We can do no less for our country, our world and ourselves. It is time. Time for us to grow, change and be who we were meant to be. It is time for you to do whatever is necessary to serve others and go after your dream. Do whatever is necessary to be the great person you were meant to be. ALL OF US ARE HERE TO DO GREAT THINGS - let's just do it for ourselves, our families, communities, our country and our world. It is time, it is now and is our destiny.
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