Believe in Yourself

A while back a wonderful mentor named Doug Apelian gave me strong words of advice "If you don't believe in yourself, why would anyone else?"

It was a wonderful truth test and the jolt I needed.

Too many times people, like me, have all the talents, ideas, skills and connections however they miss the one key component - belief. It is more than believing in yourself. Of course you wouldn't have gone as far as you have if you didn't believe in your self.

It is more than that. It is believing in sharing with the world your work, your ideas, and your way. It is in your gut and in your thoughts...each and every minute believing that you deserve to have whatever it is that you want and that you have genius and gifts that must be shared with the world.

Okay ... now I'm sounding like those motivational books that we read. I used to think that the authors of those books made it all sound so 'easy'. What I didn't realize was ... it was, once you really believed.

I had to follow twelve steps to get the belief and mindset that I have now:
1. I had to acknowledge that what I was doing wasn't working.
2. I had to decide that I was going to change my thoughts, beliefs and ideas.
3. I committed to myself that no matter what I was going to change what I needed to change.
4. I took me on. I studied, faced myself and learned new ways of thinking, acting, believing and being.
5. I practiced the new skills and thoughts each and every day.
6. I forgave myself when I faltered, forgave others for their 'stuff' and asked for forgiveness when I made a mistake.
7. I sought help from others
8. I learned that I was not the source and neither was anything or anyone outside of me. There was a bigger force, an energy that goes by many names and it is in me, around me and in everyone and around everything.
9. I began to ask and expect to receive.
10. I gave thanks for everything I've received (all of it - good, bad - it is all good to me), am receiving and will receive.
11. I act with confidence, faith, belief. The key is action.
12. I ask for more, believe that I will receive more and take more action.

Now I share what I learned.

There is power behind your confidence, belief and action. However, as I learned, it requires that we take action.

I truly know that each of you is a gem. That each of you is a valuable resource for our country and the world at large. I know without any hesitation that all hope is on you. To take action, to be who you were meant to be and become more than you are now. It is our imperative. It is why we are here on earth. It is up to us to take hold of all of potential and go for more, Be more, have more, do more our world depends on us.
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