Enthusiastic expectation

Enthusiastic expectation.

I think these are two of the most powerful emotions and feelings a person can have. The pure joy of being enthusiastic about life makes life fulfilling. Expecting great outcomes brings great outcomes.

In my book Sometimes You Need to Kick Your Own I share a story that I heard about an old woman talking to her Rabbi. She asked to have a fork put in her coffin when she died because she learned to expect good things. She learned at a young age to be enthusiastic and expect good things when her mom said to her after a meal... "Keep your fork the best is yet to come".

With enthusiastic expectation you choose to see things in a positive light because it brings results.

Were you expecting a huge deal to close? Did you learn that it wasn't going to happen...What did you do? Did you go into whining mode? "Why did this happen to me?" That is not what the best of the best would think or do. They would still expect good things only now they expect great things. Often they think "I was asking for too little or thinking too small," Did you ever think that you just didn't ask for enough?

My first book deal was basically given to me on a silver platter. I thought "this is too easy something is off" (I hadn't changed as much as I have since) So off I went to find a literary agent to handle my deal (I didn't even know what the deal was). I wanted to be aggressive (Like I had seen on TV). I was AFRAID that I wasn't going to get a good deal --- or any deal. These were crazy thoughts because they already said they wanted to offer me a deal. My fear based actions caused me to receive the results I feared. The publisher pulled the deal - they disliked the agent so much that they didn't want to deal with her at all.

I put my tail between my legs and walked away to nurse my hurt ego. A few months later the editor came back and asked "Are you ready now???" He was with a smaller publisher. I said yes and felt humbled. I didn't get close to what I was originally offered. However the book did well and I did make money.

Years later I learned during a casual conversation that the original publishing house was willing to pay me SIX FIGURES. However because I brought the pushy lit agent they didn't like how she worked and since I wanted her they didn't want me.

Ho hum...

Enthusiastic expectation forces me to be enthusiastic about my future. If a publishing house was willing to pay me SIX FIGURES and I didn't know it what does that mean for my future?? A bigger, better deal thats what Enthusiastic expectation tells me.

I can't wait!!! I'm holding onto my fork.

What is going on in your life today? Are you in a "whoa is me mode?" or are you in Enthusiastic expectation mode? Did you get laid off and do you perceive that as giving you the freedom start the business, take the class or learn the trade that you always dreamed of?

Are you entering all of you sales appointments excited that you have a company behind you that is doing business and playing in the economy?

Are you thrilled that right now, no matter who you are, you can be anything you dream of being? There is nothing that can stop you. You could even fly to the moon if you are sixty years old!! If you really wanted to do that you can now do everything in your power to get achieve your goal. HOW COOL IS THAT??

For years people told young black children that they could be anything they wanted to be ...but too often people really didn't believing that. Well now we have a black president who has enthusiastic expectation. People are excited because now they believe and they have enthusiastic expectation.

Lonnie Johnson has enthusiastic expectation. He is the inventor of the SuperSoaker®. He went to Tuskegee University, where he earned first a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering (1972) and then an M.S. in Nuclear Engineering (1974). He joined the Air Force and was nominated for Astronaut Training. He worked at NASA where he helped develop thermodynamic and controls systems for space projects. He has over forty patents. As a child he tinkered with appliances and in High School he won an invention competition. Now he is a multimillionaire and continues to invent projects that impact our lives. Lonnie Johnson has enthusiastic expectation. He looks for solutions and finds them. In 1997 he received the Black Engineer of the Year President’s Award.

Enthusiastic expectation: My husband started working out this summer. He didn't want to look like a flabby old man (I never saw him that way)... he wanted to be in better shape than he was at age 27. He has worked hard and today he has ABS of steel. He is stronger and more fit than he was when we married. YEAH FOR HIM ... he has enthusiastic expectations.

So what is your Enthusiastic expectation? What are you going for? What are you asking the universe for? What are you willing to grow for, change for, or become for? What is your enthusiastic expectation?
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