Are you Feisty, Focused and Fearless?

Talk about Drama Kings and Queens!! If you have watched TV, read the papers or listened to people who do then you know that people are in Drama over the economy.

The question to ask yourself is "Are you Feisty, Focused and Fearless?"

Let me explain all three and how they apply to you, today.

Feisty is defined as 1. Touchy; quarrelsome. 2. Full of spirit or pluck; frisky or spunky.

As a professional, business owner and true believer in human potential I shout "Yes I am feisty."

Everyone else can get caught up in the drama but I will debate you that this is opportunity in the making. This is the chance of a lifetime to really see how much spirit, spunk and determination you have. This is the time when companies, businesses will get weeded out and when survivors will succeed. I am frisky... frisky like a horse ready for a great race. I'm not competing against anyone except for myself. I am touchy because I have decided that I will not have pundits, greed, or naysayers take the wind out of my sail. I will move on and grow and challenge myself to be more than I ever imagined.

Spunky?? You ain't seen nothin yet. How about you??? You gonna let others dictate your life? You gonna get caught up in the drama or are you going to stop playing into the show of the day.

Notice how commercials are still airing, how TV pundits are gaining in market share, how loud and excited they are. This is news baby and for a news team this is exciting because you are going to watch... They are making money off of the drama. Unless you choose to be spunky and turn them off.

Are you focused???

Did you do your plan? Are you preparing for the opportunity? Are you stepping up and setting yourself to take advantage of the ride of your life? Hello... Are you there? Who is benefiting from this time in history? Do you know? Are you preparing to take advantage of the opportunities in that industry?

Are you focused on your plan? Are you planing for your positive next steps? Or are you choosing to crawl into bed and pull the covers over your head. Be careful who you are hanging out with. If people are boohooing and creating chaos and drama - GET AWAY QUICKLY. This is the time to focus on reading supportive, positive, life affirming, prosperous books and material. I'm telling you that this is your time. This is your best time. This is the time where your focus, courage and self determination will be magnificent.

Are you focused on your thoughts? Change them. I know. I really know that this is a time for you to build your prosperity consciousness. I love this little ditty that I learned:

I Have Wonderful business
In a Wonderful Way
I give wonderful service
For Wonderful Pay

I love telling people that they are gems. That you have been forged, heated up, pounded and prodded to become the ruby, sapphire, diamond or emerald (or whatever gem you choose). You have been given such gifts of ideas, thoughts and a personality that makes you unique.

You have to focus on your own greatness, your own brilliance and your own ability to go through, over and around any block put in your way. I am telling you that the biggest boulders are your thoughts. FOCUS, really FOCUS on your goodness, your brilliance and your business.


There is nothing to fear. You and I are more than capable of handling everything that is in our world. We are so capable that our potential is our choice. Action breaks through any wall. It doesn't need to be perfect action. Just taking a step. Making a call anything.

Most importantly it is the action of thinking right thoughts. Sometimes you need reminders of those right thoughts. On my desk I have the affirmations, the words of encouragement and the quotes that fill my heart and soul with courage. I know by reading a quote from those who came before me that by staying feisty, focused and fearless I reap rewards - just as they did.

I do believe in a power greater than myself and while I don't go a church, temple, mosque or any organized religious site I am so clear that my HP provides.

I love this quote on my desk. I'm sorry that I don't know where it came from or who to attribute it to. It is titled "Taking the Limits off of God"

"God's power is limited by only one thing: Your way of thinking. When we are worried, negative or discouraged, it shows a lack of faith. Stir up your faith today and get out of that rut! It time to stop thinking about what you can't do and start thinking about what God can do."

I've read this and said to myself "Okay, I don't know how but I know that I have the confidence that there is a power greater than me. I know that I have been given this dream and these desires for more along with the persistence and hope from a force that knows something I don't know - and that force is good. So I'll make the call, I'll reach out and I will do what I need to do today, right now. I have faith."

Faith makes you fearless.

So I'll ask you again. Are you Feisty, Focused and Fearless?
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