I changed my mind...Move On

Over the last year I have had the pleasure of being one of a few local women selected to be part of the Athena Powerlink program . During the last year I met with nine extraordinary people a banker , an accountant, an agent/sales rep from WOKV a local radio station , the CEO of Visit Jacksonville , global marketing research SVP, and HR expert, a process person and a multimillionaire entrepreneur.

Here is how an adviser, mentor, guide can help leaders.

I took on a project that, after a bit, I clearly knew was not a good fit. I struggled with my 'reputation' and wanting to offer wonderful service. I didn't want to let my client down. I kept trying to change myself, change our approach to the job, I sought advice and counsel from my client and implemented those changes. I really wanted this to work. I liked the people, I liked and respected the organization and in turn they felt the same way.

When two organizational cultures, that are dramatically different, can't seem to fit the outcomes planned may not be what they should be. You can be strategic and plan, there may be many behavior changes, communication and a willingness to work together may be present...but sometimes organizations, consultants, and business deals just don't work out and need to separate.

I had a meeting with my "Consigliere" the multimillionaire entrepreneur about this issue. I was concerned about my relationship with the company (we really liked each other and there were some areas of the work where we had tremendous success. He was very helpful. "The power lies", he said "in knowing you can change your mind". I know I've said this to others, however, it was powerful for me to hear it from him. Then he added. "You can't second guess yourself. Change your mind. Then move on."

So I followed his advice. I spoke to my client and said "I changed my mind. I am ending our contract. Our organizations don't fit well. We both have worked hard to make this a fit." The outcome??? We are continuing to work together on the part of the contract that is a great fit. We renegotiated the contract and the part of the project that was not a good fit is gone. I'm happy and so are they.

I've moved on.

How about you? Have you changed your mind...but still keep staying, doing, continuing when you know that you need to move on?

Change Your Mind...then Move On
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