Mentally Tough Females Gain Power, Prosperity and Passion

The rain poured down my face. I had just lost a contract, the kids were sick, I had made some life changing decisions that were not playing out as I had hoped. I was about to go into a pity party because I was frustrated. Instead I got really angry. I went for a walk in a Florida rain storm and I was not going to back down.  I had to have a face to face with the power that is.

I deserved success, I earned my success and I knew ... no matter what ... I was not going to go down without a fight, in fact... I wasn't going to go down at all.  I was going to have what I wanted no matter what.

I knew for a fact that.
  • My business was going to thrive  no matter what. I was going to do whatever I needed to do and that included making sure that the Universe knew that I relied on spiritual power. 
  • My kids were going to go to college, be great people and be really happy without any debt. 
  • My marriage was going to be strong and powerful. 
  • That I was going to do whatever it took to change myself, rally myself and be the person I wanted to be NO MATTER WHAT. 
 I was tough and I was going to do it no matter what.  BE TOUGH. So I shouted, yelled and raised my fist in the air and said.  

"You think this is going to get me down?
 Bring it on ... I'm one tough cookie and I will never, ever, give up!" 
I learned.... 
Think strong thoughts.
Open yourself to the concept that you are a success and a champion.
Use your energy to focus your success.
Go to your cheerleaders and ask them why you will succeed NOT HOW but WHY.
Hear your inner voice that says "I WILL. I AM." 

Be tough, be strong, be happy. 

Gain  Power - Power comes when you are tough enough to demand that your own personal power shines. You gain power by being 100% real and sharing your thoughts, confidence and convictions.

Gain Prosperity- Prosperity comes when you get tough enough with yourself to make sure that you think abundant and prosperous thoughts. It is easy to think lack. It takes toughness and perseverance to think prosperous, loving abundant thoughts.

Show your Passion   Passionately committed to your life, your vision and what you know is your truth requires toughness to ensure that you stay committed. NO MATTER WHAT.  Being tough with yourself makes sure that you decide who YOU are. 
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