Does Everyone Know How Incredible You Are?

Innovation, increased productivity, increased profits and unique solutions to meet customers needs. This is what happens when EVERYONE is valued at work. 

 Each person brings their unique perspective, experience, background and genetic makeup (plus many other dimensions). The issue isn't creating a diverse workforce...the issue is how to empower people to communicate their innovative ideas, utilize their brilliance and expand their networks for exponential growth in productivity, innovation, profits and solutions for all. Our prosperity is dependent on our greatest resource...human capital.

So how do you encourage people to be their best?  By reviewing with them the following:

What do you bring to the table? Do you know your value?  Here are the five areas people should be communicating about their job effectiveness.

1. Share what do you do on a daily basis.  Start by reading your job description. Are you doing everything you were hired to do?  What impact does it make on the company? Many times employees do so much more than their job description. Write those 'extras' down and don't leave it to memory. Share it with your managers. We are all busy and they don't know everything you do (because they are thinking about all they have to do.

2. How do you impact your co-workers. Share how you strive on a daily basis to make a positive difference on your co-workers. Write it down and be specific. 

3. Who do you know within the organization or outside of the organization who can help you or your company? Do you share the information. Have you created really great relationships that has helped the company save money, make money or save time. PLEASE share how with your managers and team mates.

4. Take advantage of courses, the company's library and other learning resources then share how they helped you. Write a one page report (think book report in elementary school). What did you learn and how did it help? 

5. You are not the same person you were when you were first hired. How have you evolved? Make a plan for the next 12 months. How do you plan on evolving and growing? If you don't know how can your managers help you?  

It is better than okay if you share the five areas I pointed out. It is the only way to be applauded, acknowledged and appreciated.  You deserve it and the company wants to know that heir investment in you is paying off.
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