Mentors Transform Lives

I just lost a dear friend and mentor, Roger Herman, the founder and CEO of The Herman Group, on November 6, 2006. He was an amazing man who cared deeply for people, employers, employees and our country (the USA). I'm filled with great sadness and also incredible gratitude that I was able to learn from him. As a mentor he exhibited the qualities that make mentors special.

1- They believe in us. Mentors believe in their protégés. They believe in us when we don't believe in our selves. Roger believed in me.

2- They see our potential. They know what we are capable of and what we can achieve. Usually is far loftier than we imagine for ourselves. Roger saw my potential.

3- They see our genius. They point out our unique qualities, insights and courage. They are our cheerleaders. Roger cheered loudly.

4- They provide opportunities. They push us into situations that we think are beyond us. They push us out of the nest to see us fly into success. Boy did Roger push me and prodded me.

5- They tell us the truth. When we sabotage ourselves, play small, run from opportunities or behave poorly they tell us the truth. They hold a mirror up and confront us when we need it. Always reminding us that they are there, holding the mirror, holding us up. Roger told me what I needed to hear.

6- They are pains in the neck. Always prodding, pushing, promoting and publicizing us...especially when we are rebellious or difficult. They make us be better. Roger made me better.

7- They love us. They are proud of us. They cheer us on, they love us professionally. They are excited about us and talk about us with pride. They care. Roger cared about me.

I am honored by being mentored by this most amazing man. I will miss him always.

Call you mentor today and thank him/her

With Roger on my mind,
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