Stepping Up To the Plate

Today I was reading about being on purpose. Being on purpose makes everything flow with ease. Too often people confuse goals, mission and outcomes with purpose, yet if they defined their purpose then all goals, mission and outcomes would be achieved because they are on purpose.

When I work with recruiters I show how they transform lives. Their mission is to find, attract and enroll a certain number of people however their purpose is to transform lives. It is bigger than a mission. It is about making leaders out of people who didn't know they had the potential to be leaders.

My company's mission is to Transform Organizations By Empowering People. My life long purpose is to Empower, Educate and Transform people into leaders in their lives, work, family and community. It is what makes me do what I do. My purpose drives me to keep on keeping on no matter what. There have been times when things looked... difficult. However it was my purpose that kept pushing, prodding and provoking me. It was the purpose that said "You have to be a leader in your own life, your own work, your own family and your own community. You have to step up to the plate...then teach, empower and transform others! You can't give up! Your purpose is bigger than your stuff!!!"

So I ask you. Is your purpose bigger than your stuff? Is your purpose all encompassing? Does your purpose push you, promote you to serve others? It doesn't matter what it is as long as it pushes you beyond your wildest imaginations. I met someone who sells bolts. He is passionate about the bolts and he sees the bolts as holding together things that hold together lives. He is on purpose when he manufactures, sells and supports his bolts. His passion is to hold together the world. Now there is a purpose!

Find your purpose, read about purpose, live on purpose.

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