Living a Dream...Play BIG

Alright, I can 100% vouch for the concept that if you stay focused on your dream, if you are willing to do every day something towards your dream, if you are willing to never ever give up then you will have an experience beyond your wildest imagination.

When I was seventeen, standing on the corner in my jean jacket, cigarette hanging from my mouth, long hair hanging down the sides of my face, with friends named Peanuts, Lefty and Rat. My then boyfriend, named Tex, told me that I would be an "addict whore" like my sister.

I looked at him and then looked down. Rage filled me and then calmness overcame me. I wanted to leave them all behind and be somebody. Someone my mom said I was, my family said I was and who was hiding within me. I knew then that I would go after my dream.

I had a dream. I saw at that moment my image on a TV screen, as an expert. It felt so real, so possible. I told my 'friends' bye, ran home and began a journey that included never returning to hang out on that corner.

The journey was a physical one that took me to another part of the world and back; a mental journey that shook all I thought/believed/perceived and embraced; as well as spiritual journey that awoke within me an awareness that has never left my soul.

I took risks, changed and evolved into ME. I'm still changing and growing however today, well today was special for me because I was living part of my dream.

Today I met with my executive producer and a producer for a pilot show on PBS. That in itself was amazing.

However, walking on to the stage (which is a HUGE room, with rows and rows of lights above you), with a producer walking beside you, showing where the audience will be and where my stage will be... I got choked up.

I've been on lots of TV sets. CNN, Montel Williams, MSNBC News among others. I've even helped others by participating in their pilots as a guest expert BUT to walk on a set that is for THE PEGINE SHOW was...well it took my breath away. My heart swelled with such gratitude and thanks.

It is an honor to be able to do work that you love, give all that you have and to experienced five minutes of awe.

Back then on the corner in the Bronx I never imagined how it would feel to walk on a stage, my stage. Today I do and was powerful and an honor.

If there is a message it is this is to -- Go after your dream. Don't give up. Do your best and know that you are loved.

Joel Osteen shares that he tells his kids "There is nothing you can't do. You have a bright future in front of you. You are surrounded by God's favor. Everything you touch is going to prosper."

My Mom told me the same, but I didn't believe it...That night on the corner, I believed. I believed in my dream...and I took action.

Today I tell my kids, my husband, my audiences and my friends "I believe that you have a bright future that you have a bright future in front of you.

Play BIG
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