Money and Emotions

Look at your thoughts about money. What immediately pops into your mind?

Do your thoughts follow this pattern?
-I don't make enough
-I can't meet my bills
-I want this or that
-How does so-and-so do it?
-I can't tell my wife
-I don't know what my balance is
-I'm getting it because I deserve it

Or do your thoughts follow this pattern?
- I have everything I need
- I have more than enough
- I am disciplined and patient

If you find your heart racing.
If your head is telling you that you are not good enough because of your financial situation.
If you are crying, yelling, stomping and stressing because of your financial situation?

Then it is time for some motivation...

STOP! Sit and Focus

First - know that any financial situation can be resolved. Breathe. Someone somewhere has experienced your situation (and worse) and recovered. Breathe.

Second - You have to know where you are. Get the facts. How much money do you owe and to whom? All of it. What are real deadlines and emotionally driven deadlines? By the way creditors play on your emotions learn the facts.

Third - Once you know the truth of where you are you can take action. Learn what to do. I highly recommend going to Dave Ramsey's site and learn from him Then go to Get their books, study them and read them. (BTW I don't make any commission from these referrals - they worked for me and they will work for you!)

Fourth - Stop blaming every one, every thing and God. You and you alone made the choices that got you into this situation. You and you alone can make new choices to get out.

I speak from experience. The school of hard knocks gave me a diploma. Get over yourself, get over what others will think of you, take action and be the person you were meant to be. The person I know you can be.

Take care,

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