Share Your Successes

Going for the next level. Reaching for the next goal.  Pushing to complete the next item to check off.

Going, Going, Going.

Are you getting annoyed when someone talks about their accomplishments while you are going, going, going? You may be missing a valuable lesson for yourself. 

When someone shares what they accomplished, points out their work, highlights their successes watch, listen and learn. They are doing a key career process that results in confidence and promotion.  

Acknowledging out loud and to the world what you accomplished is extremely important to your career and business.  You have to share your successes so you can move to the next higher level or bigger deals.

  1. When your subconscious hears you applaud yourself, pride vibrates through your body telling your subconscious "Mmm this feels good, I want more of that." By telling and feeling this "I feel good I want more of that" you are validating your hard work receiving an immediate reward. The feel good reward.  Just like chocolate you will want more of that. So you do what you need to do to feel good over and over.  Applauding yourself out loud does that for you.
  2. People love being around winners.  Winners love being around winners.  Your accomplishment and verbalizing those accomplishments inspires others and makes them feel good. "I know her. She is amazing."  Again that feel good feeling reinforces that success is good and you want more.
  3. People value those who succeed. Leaders value those who value the successes the individual earned. They want to give people with success stories more opportunities to grow. They want to showcase your work.  They become your publicity team.
  4. You remind yourself what you are capable of. Sometimes you move so fast that you forget what you accomplished. Stress, multiple deadlines, juggling life can make you falter. You put your head down and keep going without looking up and cheering...until you burn out.  Sharing your achievements keeps your mojo going. 
  5. You confidence is contagious. Your ability to share your successes builds your confidence and grows your confidence. People want to invest in people who are confident.
Share your successes. Take people on tours of your accomplishments. Put your awards up. They are a reminder FOR YOU of what you have achieved. 

I want to share a success with you.

My company, Team Pegine Inc.  was just named one of the 2013 Fastest Growing Companies in North East Florida named by the Jacksonville Business Journal. Team Pegine provides Organizational Consulting, Training,  Role Players and project management to to the Fed Gov, DoD, and Fortune 1000 companies.

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