Be a Rebel, Think BIG, LaLa Land ROCKS!!!

For years I was reading motivational books, magazines that lifted my heart and soul. I loved reading about success, leadership, diversity and motivation and I can honestly say that those authors saved me.

The greatest lesson I learned... the number transformational lesson I learned is:

Thinking is Power

Thinking about what you want and who you are.
Thinking positively or negatively about yourself, or others, or your world determines what you receive and see.

I've thought negative thoughts and I've thought positive thoughts. Positive is better.
I've cried in sadness and laughed in joy. Laughing is better.
I've seen the negative in others and wanted to criticize them and I've seen in the same people their magnificence and potential... magnificence is better.
I've seen all that I have and I've seen all that I didn't have. Seeing  prosperity is better.
I've thought lack and I've thought abundance. Abundance is better.

My gift to you is permission. Permission to think phenomenal powerful wonderful thoughts. Of your life as you can imagine it in all its possibilities.

During my darkest moments when I was a teen I would go into my room and dream of a magical, beautiful life. Sometimes I would cry out to God that I had this intense desire to be more than I was. I thought that I wasn't enough but I had dreams of more. I didn't dream of winning the Olympics, or being a famous rock star, or scaling Mount Everest.

I dreamed/thought of my family filled with love. I dreamed/thought of having wonderful kids who had a Dad who adored them. I dreamed/thought that I would travel and that I would leave the Bronx. That I would have a career that made a difference and that I would be on TV and on a stage -but not acting. I really, really wanted to be me - not act. I wanted to be in an environment that was free of drugs and alcohol (sister was the local junkie - Dad an alcoholic). I dreamed/thought of being an expert - in be passionate about something for years. I dreamed/thought about that for the longest time. Even when my circumstances didn't reflect my dreams. I was also chided because I went to 'lala land" or 'fantasy land'.

Those times made me so happy. I felt so alive and so joyous. so free. It didn't matter what was happening around me.

In reflection and looking back I am so grateful that:

1. I have two wonderful kids who choose to serve the country, finish college and volunteer to help others. They are really funny, smart and awesome.
2. A husband who adores his kids. They are his world.
3. Drugs and alcohol were not in my world. Others did it around me but it was never and has never been in my world.
4. I am passionate about motivation, diversity and leadership. It is drives my soul and spirit. I am so filled with gratitude that I get to serve others
5. I'm out of the Bronx and have been for many, many years.
6. People consider me an expert. I love to learn and to grow. There is so much out there for all of us to gain.
7. I speak on stages and appear on TV.
8. I get to give back and help others be more, do more and have more. 

If there is anything I can give you it is permission to go into Lala land. Think/dream all the time. Think & dream of what you want for yourself today, right now. Be powerful and dream big. There is so much potential and magnificence in you. You are the source of so many brilliant ideas and work. Please, please think good thoughts. Think of your potential. Think of what you want.

Let people tease you about your dreams... dream anyway.
Let others say it can't be done.... dream and do anyway.
Take your thoughts and goals out during your morning, your lunchtime and in the evening and really splurge on your dreams, indulge in them, and think of them.
Take the time to really think magnificent thoughts about yourself.
Tell your self everything that you want others to say to you. How great you are, how special you are how loving you are.Tell yourself.

LIVE and Dream and live more.

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