Freak Your Mind - Change It Up

Time to create movement in your life and career.  Ever notice that you are attracted to stores that seem to have energy, movement and action.  You see people going in with the "I HAVE TO HAVE IT!" drive, which is energizing. Think Apple stores.  They always seems like they are packed. Go to H&M (a clothing store) - the stores are always buzzing and always exciting. They are always changing their stores around, always putting things in different places.

Time to FREAK your mind.

Now look around your office or home.  When was the last time you changed things around? Try putting a lamp in a different place. That action is enough to make a shift in energy.  Turning a table around...makes your mind think something is different. It says "Whoa...what is going on here?"

Think about your mind.  Are your thoughts going round and round? Are you thinking the same thing?  Are you stuck in what was and not looking at what opportunities lie ahead?  It is time to change it up. Push yourself to learn something different.  To be different. Yikes...  think of all the things you do the same way, all the time.  Change it up.  Switch it up.

If you have ever thought a negative thought about yourself. Your really should read my new book.  Just sign up at and I will send the eBook to you for FREE.  Change your thoughts and your world will change.

  • When you do something different you talk about it to others. Now you have something new and different to share
  • When you change things around you wake up your consciousness, you let go of robotic actions and see things differently
  • When you change your thoughts you become a different, unique person.

Take care,
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