Get Up - Meet - Connect & Build LEVERAGE!

Are you stuck in front of your computer reading blogs, checking Facebook or reading about what others are doing? Maybe it is time for you to get out - or as a dear successful friend of mine said "Time to get out of your cave!"

Somebody in your world knows someone that you can meet, connect with and learn from. They can teach you about a new industry or maybe connect you to to job or business opportunity.  It is the old saying "It isn't WHAT you know but WHO you know that makes a difference!" 

It is time to Get Up - Meet - Connect & Build LEVERAGE!

Today a I used leverage to connect my friend Joanne Kazmierski from JaxPort to an  Army Reservist and recent Wellesly College graduate who is interested in a career in international trade in Miami. Joanne was incredible. She provided resources, suggestions for research, and a plan of action.  It was a privilege to be an observer. I was able to see two people passionate about international trade connect, become energized and create this intense power between them.   IT was a thrilling to experience.

The leverage proved valuable.  Now comes the part that builds leverage for this career seeker and empowers their connection to another level. The after action strategy.  If you had a chance to meet with someone who helped you learn, grow, or connect make sure you do the following:

1) Send a thank you note (handwritten is GREAT - email is fine).
2) Send a follow up note (within a two weeks of meeting) about the actions you took since the last meeting.
3) One month after the meeting send an update.
4) Ask for a follow up meeting and in that meeting ask how you can help them.

We are all in this big playground together.  Let's help each other grow, expand, explore and deliver high quality service to each other.
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