Exercise Your Thoughts - Be Positive

Many people have spent a life time putting themselves down.  When things get rough they switch to negative thoughts "I'm a loser. Nothing works out right" "I'm too ___ (insert your 'thing' - old, fat, skinny, young,experienced, inexperienced etc)".   Through practice people - you- get good at putting yourself down.

I was one of those people....  Okay.. I'll admit there are still moments when that thought comes in my mind...however now it leaves my mind really fast, with lightening speed.

How do you change your thoughts? Through practice and exercise.  Here are three techniques that I use at least three times a day. It works and by now these exercises are 'normal' for me.

1: Repeating favorite affirmations.  First I started with index cards with my favorite empowering thoughts "I am great. I'm whole, loved, prosperous and amazing."  I wrote them on cards because I would forget what I wanted to think about myself. I was so trained in the negative that it was hard to even remember positive affirmations.   Now they are my everyday thoughts.  Put an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to read the cards. It works if you work it.

2: Be grateful for everything in your life.  Carry a little pocket size notebook with you. Every time you are sitting and have a few moments grab and write at least three things down that you are grateful for. Things like - you can write, your can read, you aren't walking around naked because you have clothes. How awesome is that! Do it at breakfast, lunch, and at dinner. Just three times a day will make a  huge difference in your life.

3:  Smile - Force yourself to smile. Think big happy smile.  Smile even if you think you have nothing to smile about.  Your mouth is a muscle and it must be built up to look strong with a powerful smile.  Yes it takes practice. Do it anyway.
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