The Courage to be Positive & Believe: MLK, JFK , Ronald Reagan &

Martin Luther King, John F. Kennedy ,Juliette Gordon Low
(founder of Girl Scouts) and Ronald Reagan inspired people, and empowered people to be more, do more and have more. They built a vision for the US that was a positive vision, a view of the world of possibilities and the courage to say it over and over again. All believed in the power of vision, all; believed that if you had the courage to keep the vision alive, to remind people of their power - not by force but by thought that individuals, our country and our world can be miraculous.

When their world became infected with hate, fear, anger and negativity it took courage to pull themselves up and brush themselves off and once again say "I believe in the power within, I believe in our future. I believe in our ability to succeed and I will not stop until we do."

I do believe in the power of our thought. I believe that we are destined for greatness. I believe that our daily actions and reactions can be a powerful force for prosperity, positive results and I am willing to be courageous and be positive.

You are our future. You are the power, the conduit for all good. Stay out of the mud, stay out of the negative - believe, be strong, think big. Together we can achieve great things!
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