NASA Last Shuttle at Kennedy Space Center

The final liftoff of the Atlantis brought back memories of the program I conducted for NASA's annual diversity event. The program was called "GEMS - Great Employees equals Mission Success!"  It was a great honor to present at the Kennedy Space Center .  Their letter about my presentation is something I cherish.

There were three core leadership skills that were exhibited during my visit.

1. Leaders engage their teams by valuing them as individuals critical to mission success.  Tables were filled with senior leaders and front line staff.  Leaders greeted guests and walked around the room welcoming people. Not just one leader - all the senior leaders. They knew that while they led the teams the employees were critical to mission success.

2.  Strong camaraderie among teams builds trust.  It was clear that the teams who participated in the event had a strong commitment to each other. They weren't' afraid to laugh and share stories.  They worked hard and they also worked hard at enjoying their team members. 

3. The vision and mission united all.  They took their work seriously. Their mission was a combination of safety for all, and the vision of going beyond what was considered impossible. It was truly "Space as the final frontier".

I'm sad that many of the participants are now either out of work or will be shortly. They were inspiring to be around.  Their dedication to each other and our country is extraordinary.  Truly... they are GREAT EMPLOYEES dedicated to MISSION SUCCESS!!

Thank you NASA GEMS for all you have done for us!

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