Daily Actions Result in Living Successfully

Wallace D. Wattles shares in the book "The Science of Getting Rich" the following statement Life is a performance of function. Life is a daily process and too often people look towards the future without paying attention to today.

Success is truly a one-day-at-a-time process which is why so many people stay where they are - stuck in a rut. Daily actions aren't easy and it requires discipline. Daily actions lead to success.

The question to ask yourself is "Am I performing my best every day - physically, mentally and spiritually?

Just for today am I taking the right and perfect physical actions today?
-Am I eating well?
-Am I moving my body?
-Am I communicating through words and deeds my desires, my insights, my ideas
-Am I completing tasks and following through
-Am I making the calls

Just for today am I thinking well?
-Am I taking the time to think about the condition of my thoughts
-Am I being mindful of my intentions?
-Are my thoughts clear and powerful?
-Am I focusing my thoughts on positive, powerful uplifting and BIG thoughts?
-Am I filling my mind with powerful positive images and information?

Just for today am I taking the time to exercise my spiritual life?
-Am I taking daily time to connect with my God/the Universe or just sitting still and being?
-Am I taking the time to be grateful, on a daily basis, for all I have in my life?
-Am I looking for opportunities to impact positively another person's life - just because they are a human and without self seeking gain?

Your daily physical, mental and spiritual actions result in a positive, successful life.

Life is journey - but it is today that you get to live your adventures through your daily actions.
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