Does Enthusiam Impact Productivity?

Being around happy and enthusiastic people makes me feel energized and motivated. Countless times I get revved up and ready to go after speaking to someone who is ready to take on the world. In my career I've always worked harder for the executive that was enthusiastic about his/her job and the organization. They didn't walk around with a cheerleaders costume and false joy...they were really enthusiastic about the work they did and the products that the organization created.

I wondered.... is it just me? So I posted the question to people on Linkedin...

J.Z. shared
"I had the good fortune in my last position to work for a friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic leader. It was a pleasure to go to work for her every day and meet the challenges put before our department. Her professionalism was contagious and we survived for many years as a result.

Conversely, I've worked for some real duds, too, who were just out for themselves and didn't know how to spell teamwork let alone practice it in the workplace. Those were the days where I paid extra attention to keeping my resume' up to date."

James Sawyer of President & CEO at Excellence In Sales & Leadership Consulting Group

I believe in a word: YES!

Allow me to expand. I believe that a leaders laughter, which is proven to make people feel better and enlighten them, which in turn works to better productivity and in-turn profits. The leaders enthusiasm is contagious. If the leader is excited and enthusiastic about the services, product, or mission the followers will be just as enthused.

If a workplace is full of joy and teamwork and little conflict (some is always healthy) employees will be better off in the long term. In a great workplace with joy, laughter, and enthusiasm employees will be more dedicated to the organization and work harder to affect the bottom line.

In the 21st Century workplace, employees and employers along with leaders can have fun, laugh, be full of joy, and be enthused at work. In my opinion as a business leader, it really does make a difference.

A day without laughter and joy and enthusiasm at my office will be the first day we will be out of business (I would never let my office get the dreary)."

Over 20 people replied declaring YES!! Enthusiasm Impacts Productivity!!

So as leaders are you enthusiastic? Here are tips to become and exhibit enthusiasm.

1. List, for yourself, why you love your job and the organization you work for. What are you grateful for? You are the only one who knows. If you can't list ten things that make you grateful for your job....why are you there? Your attitude infects - positively or negatively - your team. If you aren't grateful and loving your job get out and leave. You have the ability to do what you love to do, except if you believe you don't. If you are miserable it is your fault. Change yourself, be proactive and do what you love. If you are doing what you love...TELL YOUR TEAM and SHOW THEM. You can't do your job without them... and if you love your job it is because of your team.

2. Walk the halls and say hello to your team. It takes between 5 to 45 minutes a day to walk, smile and applaud members of your team. However the rewards multiply significantly. People want to work for and produce for leaders who employees perceive as caring about them. Show you care.. Walk the floor.

These two steps will improve your teams productivity... because your enthusiasm becomes contagious!
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