Your Employees and Peers are Watching

What behavior are you exhibiting to your employees and peers? I was recently at an after event. It wasn't sanctioned by the hosting convention. The participants came on their own. There was free flowing liqueur, some risque jokes and lots of dancing.

Most of the people were in good spirits and had model behavior...others 'forgot'where they were, who they were with and who was watching.

Three women were ill and drunk in the ladies bathrooms. Two men were drunk and were lewd and sloppy.

Of the five. One was a manager, another a consultant, two were new hires, one was a salesperson.

The people around them including HR managers, SVP's and fellow peers were not impressed.

I cannot tell a lie. I have found myself doing things that I wasn't pleased about. Food that landed on my lap. Words that came out wrong and times where I had to make a quick pit stop to buy an outfit because I heard dressy when it was dress down.

The truth of the matter is that each of us must be aware of where we are, who is watching and what we are doing (that includes postings on all the social sites).

A stylist once said to me about dressing, eating, and drinking..."If a PEOPLE magazine photographer took your picture at any particular moment would you be happy?"

It is a great line and one that I think about. For the famous five mentioned above would they be happy with their pictures??

CLICK!!! How about you?
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